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Assumption College Newsletter - 21 June 2024

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Assumption College Newsletter - 21 June 2024

By Mrs Liisa Hammond, Principal


Gospel Mark 4: 26 – 34.

It is appropriate that this Gospel is our Word for this week. The parable of the mustard seed is closely aligned with the theme for our 2024 Seniors—Sowers of Seeds. The mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds, yet with nurturing, care, and grace, it grows into something substantial and impactful. 

This parable is particularly significant for this week because it is the culmination of our Year 12s' planning, preparation, and execution of their major event—Founders’ Day. Since our College review, our goal has been to hand over control of this significant day to our student leaders. From small things, big things grow, and all that this cohort has learned over the past year, as the leaders of the College, will be celebrated on Friday. 

The small ideas nurtured and supported by several staff members have grown into an extravaganza that celebrates our Assumption College heritage while supporting those in our community who never cease to show up for those in need. 

Staffing at Assumption College 

It is no secret that the teaching profession, like many other professions, is experiencing a shortage. Whilst I recognise that we have been blessed at Assumption College with the expertise and number of staff who wish to teach at Assumption College, it is clear that all schools are experiencing shortages. 

This term, we still need a Business/RE teacher, and it is exceptional how our Curriculum Leader: Humanities, Mrs Amanda Stevens, and Curriculum Leader: Religious Education, Mrs Carol Sharp, have been able to improvise, adapt and overcome. This was supported by our amazing community, including Ms Georgie Stewart, a fully qualified Business teacher, who not only supports our College by being a member of the P&F Committee, but also volunteered her time to come in and teach our Year 9/10 business class. 

We are pleased to announce that our Humanities and Religious Education departments will be complete again next term. We look forward to introducing our newest staff members at the beginning of Term 3. In the meantime, we thank Amanda, Carol, and Georgie with our deepest gratitude for their overwhelming support of our young people. 

Furthermore, we would like to thank our amazing Relief Teachers. These professionals consistently show up and ensure that our staff and students are supported in their pursuit of quality outcomes. Thank you – we value, respect, and appreciate all that you do! 

Congratulations, Anna Hardy – Deputy Principal 

In Week 9, Anna Hardy underwent her leadership review. Many of our staff, students, and community members were offered the opportunity to respond to two questions: What can we celebrate about Anna’s leadership? And what recommendations can we make to enhance Anna’s leadership journey? 

Not surprisingly, Anna’s review was exceptional. All panel members, including Angela Travers (Senior Leader: Mission and Identity), Matthew Brown (Deputy Principal—St Joseph’s School Stanthorpe), and myself, were privileged to hear of our community's confidence in Anna’s leadership. 

Currently, Anna’s report is being finalised. Once that has been completed and Dr Patrick Coughlan has reviewed and finalised the report, Anna will use this report as the basis for constructing her Professional Learning Plan. 

There is no doubt that Assumption College is blessed to have a Deputy Principal of Anna Hardy’s calibre. 


Inclusivity College Leader, Mahaylia Windschuttel, and Donovan House Leader, Gracie Forbes, have been exceptional in planning and engaging in several activities over Week 10 to celebrate Assumption College’s NAIDOC Week.
Since 1975, National NAIDOC Week has been held each year on the first Sunday in July. As we will be on holiday, our leaders and community have chosen Week 10 to recognise the histories, cultures, and achievements of First Nations people and communities. 

NAIDOC Shirts—Gracie Forbes created this year’s NAIDOC shirt design, which was inspiring and embodied the NAIDOC theme of ‘Keep the Fire Burning’. 


Monday, 17 June 2024—Assumption College hosted the celebration of the start of NAIDOC Week alongside St Mary’s School and St Mary’s Kindergarten, ACW’s Student Voice Committee, and our community First Nations of Australian Committee. Assumption College presented St Mary’s School and St Mary’s Kindergarten with Lemon Myrtle trees, an Australian native herb used for cuisine and medicinal purposes. 

Tuesday, 18 June 2024—During Pastoral Care, students and staff had the unique opportunity to hear a story told by Gracie Forbes. Accompanied by Gracie's artwork, this experience is known as Sacred Stories. The purpose of story and story-telling is central to our community and resonates with who we are and who we are empowered to become. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2024—During our full-day athletics carnival, Mahaylia and Gracie, along with our Oogie and other College Captains, assisted in running several Indigenous Games. This culminated in an ACW/WSHS game of Buroinjin—an event we hope will become an annual opportunity. 

Term 2 Review 

This term has been noteworthy for many reasons. Every week, from our 2024 Senior Formal to our Founders’ Day celebration, brought a new opportunity for our community to explore and engage in the pursuit of success and challenge. 

The Term 2 video will be available to view on our Social Media page on Monday.  

Farewell Staff 

Richard Coe 

Richard joined us at the beginning of the year, and over the past semester, he has revolutionised our Cultural offerings and experiences. With the philosophy of saying, Yes, Richard and his team of Arts/Performance have stood on the shoulders of the performances of the past and reached further than ever before. 

From showcases, to five (5) different bands, to the Staff and Student Vocal Group, to excursions to QPAC, Jumpers and Jazz in July … the cultural life of the College has exploded in a cacophony of joy and inclusion. 

Whilst it is hard to say goodbye to Richard and his family, he goes with our love and admiration as he takes on the role of Deputy Principal at Mary MacKillop Catholic College in Highfields. 

Taylah Hoffman 

Taylah joined us for one term as we await the arrival of our full-time replacement for Malcolm Durre. Taylah is currently completing her studies at UniSQ and has proven the adage that teachers are born, not taught, as Taylah is a natural in front of a class. In fact, in a recent academic counselling meeting, a student reported that, 

I don’t particularly enjoy Biology, but I love Ms Hoffman, so I will get my work done. 

We look forward to welcoming Taylah back to our community in 2025.

May our Mother Mary grant her blessings upon our College Community. 

2024 Term 3 Dates

If you wish to submit a newsletter article, please email to by Wednesday 10 July 2024. Please note that all articles are subject to the Principal's approval. 

By Mrs Anna Hardy, Assistant Principal Curriculum 


Semester 1 Reports 

We are currently in the process of finalising the Semester 1 Reports, which will be published on the College portal at the end of term. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's report, we encourage you to reach out to the respective subject teacher for a conversation. 

Semester 1 Academic Awards 

To recognise and celebrate the academic success of our students, we will be hosting the Semester 1 Academic Awards ceremony. Invitations will be sent to families in early Term 3, inviting you to join us in honouring the outstanding achievements of our students. 

Year 10 Electives

All Year 10 families have received a detailed letter and web preferences email outlining the Semester 2 curriculum options for their child. We have also extended invitations to selected students to participate in specific courses. We kindly request that you assist your child in selecting their elective subjects by the end of the holidays to ensure a smooth start to Term 3. The elective options for Year 10 include: 

• English: Literature, English, and Short Course Literacy
• Maths: Mathematical Methods, General Mathematics, and Short Course Numeracy 

Year 9 Electives 

A letter has been sent to all Year 9 families, providing an overview of the selected subjects that were chosen at the end of last year. If your child wishes to make changes to their elective subjects, a change of subject form is available at the College office. 


All students will receive an updated copy of their timetables by Monday 8 July, 2024. 

Year 11 Academic Interviews 

The Year 11 Academic Coaching team is looking forward to conducting academic interviews in the first week. These interviews provide an excellent opportunity to assess the progress of our Year 11 students. If you are unable to attend the allocated time slot, please contact the College office to reschedule. 

Year 11 Subject Information Night for 2025 

We will be holding a Subject Information Night on Tuesday 23 July, 2024. This event aims to provide an overview of the subjects that will be offered to our current Year 10 students as they transition into Year 11 in 2025. During this evening, students will have the opportunity to select their preferences for 2025, and the final subject choices will be discussed in the subsequent SET plan interviews in the following week. 

Year 10 SET Plans 

The Year 10 SET plans will take place in Week 4 of Term 3. Letters with time allocations will be sent to parents early in the term. 

As we approach the upcoming holidays, we would like to take a moment to wish you and your families a restful and rejuvenating break. We hope this time provides an opportunity for rest, relaxation, and quality time spent together. 

Looking ahead to the next semester, we are excited to continue providing quality teaching and learning experiences for our students. Our dedicated staff are committed to fostering a nurturing and engaging environment that promotes growth, curiosity, and academic achievement. 

As always, we value your partnership in your child's education and appreciate your ongoing support. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Take care, stay safe, and enjoy the well-deserved holiday break!

By Mrs Julie Collins, Assistant Principal Pastoral and Wellbeing 


End Of Term 2

Another  well-deserved holiday is upon us!! While this is exciting, the days and weeks sure are moving too quickly. 

Take time these holidays to cherish what is important in your life.  Once a moment has gone it is only in our memories.  Cherishing moments as they happen helps us feel thankful for life and the little things and can also help to have a more positive outlook thus improving happiness.


By Mr Scott Clegg, Business Manager 


Update for Assumption College Warwick Learning Resource Centre and Classrooms Building Project 

We are happy to share the latest progress on the Assumption College Learning Resource Centre and Classrooms project. As we focus on the inside areas of the project site, we have achieved several key goals that will enhance our learning spaces. 

Over the coming two weeks, the next steps for the program include rendering, internal painting and tiling, installation of doors and windows, cladding and joinery being installed. Then we will see the new lift arrive in preparation for installation and the suspended ceilings being installed and the carpet laying being completed.


Progress Photos

We look forward to welcoming you to the new Learning Resource Centre and classrooms, where our students and staff will benefit from modern and dynamic spaces. This project enhances both our infrastructure and the learning experience.
For more updates and news, please visit our College website and follow our social channels.
If you require more information, please call the College office on 4660 4000. 
We appreciate your continued support as we create the future of Assumption College Warwick!

By Jill Hume, Teacher  

Southern Downs Regional Council Citizenship Ceremony 

On Tuesday, 18 June, 2024 the Southern Downs Regional Council held their Citizenship Ceremony at the Warwick Town Hall, welcoming seven new citizens to our Region, and Country.

One of our College’s Southern Downs Youth Council (SDYC) members, Lachlan Corney, attended this ceremony as a representative of both our College and the Youth Council. He was asked to welcome the new citizens on behalf of the SDYC, and did this in the presence of our new Mayor Melissa Hamilton, Deputy Mayor Sheryl Windle, and other distinguished guests. Lachlan welcomed our latest citizens by explaining what the SDYC is, and what he loves about living in our region.

We congratulate Lachlan for his commitment and contributions in his role as a SDYC member.

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