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Welcome to Assumption College, Warwick. As a vibrant and distinctively Catholic learning community, it can trace its origins as far back as the 1870s. Assumption College enlivens the charisms of Catherine McAuley through the Sisters of Mercy; Edmund Rice through the Christian Brothers; and Mary of the Assumption, as expressed through our interconnectedness to our Parish. The rich heritage which is provided by these charisms allows Assumption College to thrive within its motto of “Truth and Love”.

At Assumption College, we believe that education must be liberating, empowering, and nurturing. It is grounded in the inalienable belief that we are made in the likeness of God and, as such, are deserving of the dignity and respect afforded to all His creations. What this means is that we are committed to ensuring the academic and wellbeing success of our students through a rigorous, authentic, and responsive curriculum. Furthermore, we ensure that our dedication to exemplary teaching practice leads to continuous improvement in our students’ learning outcomes. As such, Assumption College offers a diverse range of subjects uniquely tailored to the individual needs of our students and our context. Assumption College recognises that through a liberating education, our students can confidently thrive in any environment to which they choose to belong.

Empowerment of students is witnessed through their encouragement to enliven our motto of “Truth and Love”. A well-considered and responsive pastoral program is delivered to ensure our students are able to build authentic and life-affirming relationships with each other and those around them. Students are encouraged to experience a variety of different learning and wellbeing opportunities to discover their individual gifts and talents. These include sporting, spiritual, cultural, and academic pursuits. Through our values of Justice, Wisdom, Generosity, and Compassion, our students are challenged to be engaged in a full and flourishing life whilst with us and beyond.

Our dedicated staff support and challenge our students in a nurturing manner to ensure the College caters for their holistic needs. As such, positive role modelling and a commitment to ensure a consistent implementation of all policies and procedures are maintained. As a staff, we are cognizant of the need to ensure that our students are able to recognise the significance of their human spirit and call them to live a life of service to enhance their community.

The facilities and resources of Assumption College are a testimony to our unerring commitment to being prudent stewards of the physical, human, and financial resources bestowed upon us. With this commitment comes a responsibility to ensure that we are sustainably resourced, to enhance the learning and wellbeing outcomes of all our students.

I invite you to explore Assumption College, Warwick, and witness for yourself our commitment to honouring the inherent dignity of all our community. It is through our commitment to a liberating, empowering, and nurturing educational experience that we are able to realise the potential of all our students.

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