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Parents & Friends Association

Parents are acknowledged as the first and foremost educators of their children. Their role as educators must never be underestimated. The College staff can hope only to build on the foundations established by the family.

Parents have a fundamental right and duty to be closely involved in their child's education. The teachers of Assumption College, as professional educators, are conscious of the need for consultation and collaboration. They will do their best to keep parents informed of their children’s progress and welfare.

Traditionally parents have used their skills and time unstintingly in supporting the College. By such involvement, parents show their children how highly they value the education of their children.

The Parents and Friends Association is an integral part of the College community, representing as it does all parents of the College and sharing responsibility for the College with the Principal and teachers.

The aims of the Association are to: 

foster a distinctive Christian environment;
develop maximum cooperation between parents and school staff; and
provide a medium for information and education of parents.

The role of the association includes:

  • Promoting the development of a school community made up of parents, teachers and students.
  • Working collaboratively with Principal and staff.
  • Supporting interaction between home and school – parents and teachers.
  • Encouraging parent participation in learning activities and school life.
  • Assisting parents to appreciate teaching and learning programs.
  • Fostering Faith Education activities.
  • Creating a forum for discussion.
  • Providing resources to the school.
  • Planning and organising functions.
  • Working with the College Board in pursuit of common goals – harmony.

A P&F Levy is charged to parents to help provide better facilities for our students. All families contribute to the P&F Levy. The P&F Levy eliminates the constant requests for families to buy raffle tickets etc

School Playground

President: Sophia McLucas
Vice President: Geoff Pitstock 
Secretary: Melinda Gale
Treasurer: Michelle Spence
Diocesan Representative: pending
Board Representative: Lyn Irwin-Kelly