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2024 College Fee Schedule





Enrolment Fee (payable on application)




Textbook Hire Bond (refundable)





1 Student

2 Students

3 Students





Laptop Lease (iPad Year 9 only - $220/year)




IT Support & Resource Levy




Administration Fee




Capital Fund Levy




P&F Levy

Textbook Hire Levy



















Camps/retreats, Certificate and Distance Education courses delivered by external providers, extra-curricular sport, instrumental music lessons, subject specific resources (eg. major art pieces, hallstand) and some excursions will incur an additional charge.

These fees will be communicated to parents/guardians should they apply to your child.

Estimated costs for the year level camps are listed below. Prices are subject to change dependent upon camp location and provider costs.

Year 7 $320
Year 8 $470
Year 9 $1,350
Year 10 $400
Year 11 $360
Year 12 $275





The College offers a Direct Debit Scheme as a method of payment for the College fees. The scheme allows for the payment of fees through weekly or fortnightly instalments.

Recommended Weekly Direct Debit Amount *

1 Student

2 Students

3 Students




(52 weeks)

(52 weeks)

(52 weeks)

 * The recommended weekly amount includes an allowance to cover a proportion of the Additional Costs listed above. It is advised that you consider your child’s/ren's circumstances and your personal budgeting preferences when setting an amount to pay by instalments.

Family Discount

Discounts apply if two or more siblings are enrolled at the College.  Families will be invoiced at the full rate for the eldest child, with sibling discounts applied thereafter. The discount is 20% for the second child, 30% for the third and 50% for the fourth and subsequent child.  The discount applies to the Tuition portion of the fees only.


Accounts detailing fees and levies charged will be issued by the College quarterly and are payable within 14 days unless a direct debit is in place. As a member of the Assumption College community, each parent/guardian has a commitment to fulfill their financial obligations so that the College can continue to maintain a quality education for all students. Where fees remain unpaid and no special arrangements have been made, the student’s enrolment may be cancelled, and recovery action commenced.

Enrolment Application Fee

This fee is payable upon enrolment.  Payment of this fee does not mean automatic acceptance of enrolment.  This fee is non-refundable.

Textbook Hire Bond

The Textbook Hire Bond is to be paid when a student joins the College’s Textbook Hire Scheme at commencement of enrolment.  This bond is refundable upon departure from the College and all books and devices are returned in good condition.

Textbook Hire Levy

This fee is payable in advance at the end of the previous year or on a pro-rata basis at enrolment. This fee provides the cash flow necessary for the College to purchase textbooks for the following year.  In addition, the Government Book Allowance payment is retained by the College.  While we encourage your support and recommend the Textbook Hire Scheme, participation in the Scheme is voluntary.

iPad/Laptop Lease Agreement

For Year 9 students, a fee of $55 iPad per term and Year 7,8,10,11,12 students, a $137 Laptop per term Hardware Levy is charged over the three-year life of the iPads/Laptops, after which time the iPad/Laptop becomes the property of the student/parents.  Students who arrive midyear will be charged a pro rata payment to align them to the payment plan.  Students whose enrolment is terminated part way through this 3 year agreement, are required to make all remaining instalments on the payment plan.

IT Support & Resource Levy

This levy aims to offset the costs associated with printing consumables, and the licensing of a range of software packages e.g. internet connection costs, internet filtering licenses etc. This levy is charged to all students.

Administration Fee

This fee incorporates the College Activities Levy which aims at collecting monies for small activities which occur from time to time, including Arts Council performances, competitions, College diary, ID card, Buses, NAPLAN etc.

Capital Fund Levy

All families are required to contribute to the building and capital development programme at the College which meets repayments on College Loans and funds the refurbishment of College Facilities.

P&F Levy

The levy is to help provide better facilities for our students; all families contribute to the P&F Levy.  The levy eliminates the need for families to buy raffle tickets, organise fundraising events etc. unless they volunteer to do so.

Concessions/Financial Assistance

Parents/Guardians are expected to pay all fees and levies charged by the College.  The College is aware, however, that from time to time some parents/guardians find themselves in financial difficulties.  Parents/Guardians in these circumstances are expected to contact the Principal or Business Manager to make alternative arrangements.  Following consultation with the Principal or Business Manager, every compassionate consideration will be given to families who genuinely cannot meet their fee commitments.

Enrolment Withdrawal

Should your circumstances change and your child/ren will not be returning to the College, we ask for the earliest possible notice.  Notification must be via completion of the Student Departure Form submitted to the College Office.  Failure to provide this notice promptly may result in additional term fees being charged.