Welcome to Assumption College Warwick


College Fee Schedule

Breakup of the College Fee Schedule:



1 Student

$80 pw (52 weeks) 

2 Students

$120 pw (52 weeks) 

3 Students

$160 pw (52 weeks) 

Tuition Per Term 

Charges per Student per Term 

Charges per Family per Term 

1 Student   - $ 407  

Lease iPad $55 (Y7-9)

Laptop $115 (Y10-12) 

Capital Fund -$66

2 Students - $ 733

IT Support & Resource Levy - $51 

P&F Levy - $36

3 Students - $1099 

Administration Fee - $46


Subject Levy per Student per Term 














Yearly Charges 

Enrolment Charges per Student 

Text Book Hire - $100 per student 

Enrolment Acceptance Fee - $80 

Locker - $21 per student 

Text Book Hire Bond - $200 (refundable on return of books) 

College Year Book - $26 per family 



Payment Methods:

  • Installment payments by Direct Debit (eg weekly, fortnightly, monthly)
  • Cash or Cheque payment via the College Office on receipt of the Term Account
  • BPAY
  • Internet Banking BSB 064 786 Account No 100018478 Archdiocesan Development Fund Commonwealth Bank Account (Please include Surname and Fee Account Number)


Major excursions, annual camps, retreats etc. will incur other costs and these will be communicated to parents as needs arise.  These costs must be paid prior to the student attending the excursion. Special projects within subjects will incur an additional charge eg. the production of hallstands, major art pieces etc. These will be advised to parents by the teacher. 


The following discounts apply for families with children attending Assumption College.

·       Families with two children attending Assumption College, a discount of 20% off the standard tuition fee of the 2nd student applies.

·       Families with three children attending Assumption College, a discount of 30% off the standard tuition fee of the 3rd student applies.

·       Families with four or more children attending Assumption College, a discount of 50% off the standard tuition fee of the 4th student applies.

There may be a variation to the level of discount that applies.  For general account enquiries please contact the College Finance Officer on 07 4660 4000 between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

1. Enrolment Application Fee: 

This fee must accompany the Enrolment Application Form. Payment of this fee does not mean automatic acceptance of enrolment by the College. This fee is non-refundable.

2. Textbook Hire Fee:

This fee is payable in advance at the end of the previous year or on a pro-rata basis at enrolment. This fee provides the cash flow necessary to the College to purchase textbooks for the following year.  In addition, the Government Book Allowance Cheque is retained by the College.  While we encourage your support and recommend the Textbook Hire Scheme, participation in the Scheme is voluntary.

3. Textbook Hire Bond:

This fee is compulsory on entry to the Textbook Hire Scheme and is refunded less repairs and losses on exit from the College. For parents electing to be involved in the Textbook Hire Scheme, this bond is payable on acceptance of enrolment.

4. Administration Fee:  

This fee incorporates the College Activities Levy which aims at collecting monies for small activities which occur from time to time, including Arts Council performances, competitions, College diary, College calendar, ID card, Buses, NAPLAN etc.

5. IT Resource Levy: This levy aims to offset the ever-increasing costs associated with printing consumables, and the licensing of a range of software packages e.g. Clickview, internet connection costs, internet filtering licenses etc. This levy is charged to all students.

6. iPad/Laptop Lease Agreement: For Year 7 – 9 students, a fee of $55 iPad per term and Year 10 - 12 students, a $115 Laptop per term Hardware Levy is charged over the three-year life of the iPads/Laptops, after which time the iPad/Laptop becomes the property of the student / parents.  Students who arrive midyear will be charged a pro rata payment to align them to the payment plan.  Students whose enrolment terminate part way through this 3 year iPad agreement, are able to purchase the iPad outright based on a pro rata cost basis.

7. College Capital Fund: All families are required to contribute to the building and capital development programme at the College which meets repayments on College loans and funds the refurbishment of College facilities. 

8. Parents & Friends Levy: To help provide better facilities for our students, all families contribute to the P & F Levy. The P&F Levy eliminates the constant requests for families to buy raffle tickets etc. While not a comprehensive list, in recent years, the P & F has contributed in major ways to the following projects: courtyard refurbishment, hand tennis courts, Manual Arts materials upgrade, air conditioning of classrooms, significant additions in classroom resources, supply and installation data projectors and electronic whiteboards etc.

9. Lockers: The combination lock for the lockers is supplied by the College and remains the property of the College. If the lock is either damaged or lost, then a replacement fee will be charged.



The College receives funding from both Federal and State Governments intended to cover wages and salaries.  All other operational costs of the College must be funded from the collection of fees and levies.  As a member of the Assumption College community, each parent/guardian has a commitment to fulfil their financial obligations so that the College can continue to maintain a quality education for all students. 

As well, Assumption College is committed to providing a Catholic education for all children whose parents/guardians desire it. 


Values underpinning the collection of school fees include Equity, Justice, Dignity, Compassion, Commitment and Respect for individual circumstances.


Parents/Guardians are expected to pay all fees and levies charged by the College.  The College is aware, however, that from time to time some parents/guardians find themselves in financial difficulties.  Following consultation with the Principal or Business Manager, every compassionate consideration will be given to families who genuinely cannot meet their fee commitments.



  • Accounts detailing fees and levies charged will be issued by the College quarterly and are payable within 30 days of issue.
  • Any arrangements to vary the terms of payment e.g. fortnightly, monthly etc. must be made with the Principal or Business Manager.
  • Parents/guardians who have difficulty meeting College fees are expected to contact the Principal or Business Manager to make alternative arrangements.  Alternative arrangements are reviewed annually or as circumstances alter.
  • For those parents/guardians who do not pay fees and who have not made special arrangements with the Principal, the collection of fees and levies will be conducted on a commercial basis as follows.
    1. A reminder by way of letter from the College Finance Officer will be sent within seven days after the due date on all outstanding accounts.
    2. Accounts which remain outstanding 14 days after the reminder letter in (i) will receive a letter from the Principal reminding them of the obligation and expectation to pay within 7 days.
    3. If there is no response to the Principal’s letter within 7 days, the account may be placed in the hands of a Debt Collection Agency.
    4. Failure to respond to the Debt Collection Agency may result in the initiation of legal action to recover debt.
    5. When a student leaves the College with outstanding fees or levies, any monies held on behalf of the parent/guardian including Textbook Hire, will be credited against the debt owing and action to recover the remainder of the debt instigated.